A selection of some of our Religious Projects

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Location: Audley Range, Blackburn

Project: New Mosque & Car Park

The original Noorul Islam masjid was located at 108 Audley Range which was a number of old terraced properties made into one. For many years the building served the needs of the community, but now needed a new purpose built facility to accommodate the faithful community members. The cost of the project was very critical as the project was to be funded by the community. We produced a cost effective scheme for a mere £1.3 million. 

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Location: Yarwood Street, Bury

Project: First Floor Extension to Prayer Hall

The Noorul Islam masjid consists of prayer and madressah facilities in a large end terrace property. The neighbouring property was purchased on first floor with view of extending the first floor prayer hall. The first floor was in quite a poor condition and was renovated, main structural walls were removed to expand the existing prayer hall  and a new floor installed and supported with columns to take assembly imposed loading. 

Project: The Naqshbandia Isamic Centre 

Location: Pringle Street, Blackburn

The Naqshbandia Isamic Centre used the property as a prayer, teaching and community facility. Proposals were were produced in accordance with the clients brief to create more floor space in the building. The property does not have much land around the building, so a scheme was produced to add an additional first floor to the building. To carry the loads of the new assembly hall an independent steel frame was proposed.